About Talk!

Conversations about children and young peoples life online

Talk! is developed by Tenk, based on data from the research project DigiGen. The overall objective is to make new and relevant research available for a broader audience, aiming to strengthen the digital competence and strengthen the civic participation for children and young people.

About Talk!

The Internet, gaming and social media are an important part of children’s and young people’s sense of identity. As an adult, it is challenging to know how we can talk to children and young people about what they are experiencing online.

It can be difficult for children and young people to talk about platforms adults aren’t familiar with. Research shows that parents are more concerned with how much time children spend online rather than the content they are exposed to.

Data from DigiGen indicates that children and young people need adults to address what they experience online. The research shows that adults need to take a bigger part and show interest in children and young people's digital life.

The conversation cards Talk! bridge the gap between adults and children providing them with a tool that facilitates conversation around life online.

Talk! consists of three informational videos, conversation cards and a board game.

All the resources for Talk! can be found here.

About DigiGen

The name DigiGen refers to ”The Digital Generation”, the generation of children and young people who have never experienced a world without the internet, smartphones and social media. The project has investigated how digitalisation and technology development affect the lives of children and young people. It also looks at the ways in which the lives of children and young people can be positively affected by new technology and also the challenges this technology presents. The project consists of researchers from Oslo Metropolitan University, as well as research institutions in seven European countries. Read more at the project's website digigen.eu