What is ForYou on TikTok?

What is ForYou on TikTok, and who decides what we should watch? You are now going to investigate this!

Task 1

Find your cell phone and open TikTok. For five minutes, scroll through the ForYou feed that appears when you press "home" in the lower left corner. Based on your ForYou feed, answer the questions below.

Prepare to present the findings to your partner.

Task 2

Present your findings in pairs. Then discuss the question below:

Task 3

Watch the video "TikTok og algoritmer" and answer the questions.

How the TikTok algorithms are used (1:29)

Task 4

TikTok's algorithms customize the content of your ForYou feed for you. Collaborate in pairs and make a list of positive and negative aspects of this. Be prepared to present the list to the class.